Before I go any further I will warn you even my short post will probably be long. Yes I talk a lot. I have been asked about crafts I do so I decided to start a blog, no this isn’t my first one hopefully I will follow through with this one so it will become my last one.

As you probably have already guessed my online name is GreenFuzzer. My family calls me Tammy, Tam, Ma, Mama, Mom, Hey You and names I shouldn’t put down. Oh ok just one…PBFH I’m sure you can figure out what those letters stand for. If you see the fuzzy green guy that is pictured above, or gasp even my original drawn version, any place on the web it should be me. If it isn’t me I need to hunt someone down and tie them up with my fiber supplies that I don’t like. Yeah right like there is a fiber I don’t like.

Where does “Fancywork” come in you might ask? I like historical fiction and they always call needle work fancywork, so I thought why not. What kind of needlework/fancywork/fiber arts do I do? So far I only sew, crochet, needle and loom knit, needle and shuttle tat, a little beading, a little quilling. There is also cake decorating, woodworking, and I even designed the floor plans for a cottage. Those last three things seem like they happened in a different lifetime. No matter what project I am working on my mind is always on projects I haven’t gotten to or designed yet.

To add to my “Fancywork” is fingernails. Yes you read that right I am now learning to do my own acrylic, gel and hybrid nails. What is fancy about that? Glitter, (paste) gems, (paste) purls, stamping, various lengths and colors. Yes nails can be very fancy. I enjoy them so much I have a group on Facebook called AbsolutelyUniqueNails.

You have probably picked up that my hobbies are a big part of my life, however I would give them up in a second for the true loves of my life. I’m Blessed to be happily married to my best friend, ESR. He is one of the three hardest working, most loving men I have even known along with my late Dad and Grampa. We have the best kids in the world MDR (1988) and MRR (1990). Someday I hope they can experience the type of love and pride I feel for both of them. They are both environmentalist, one as a Hippy the other as a Scientist. It is wonderful they are both working toward a better tomorrow for the future generations; by them coming at it from two different directions they are reaching more people. Yes they are my greatest Gifts and Blessings. I’m also Blessed that we live next door to my Mom, MRS. Other than a few months here and there I have lived on the same property my entire life, which is a long time. Last but certainly not least is our ‘girls’ aka furbabies, Amazing Grace Lynn is my 10 pound Maltese mix, Sabrina Louise is ESR’s 25 pound grey tiger cat.

If you have read this far thank you!!! Hopefully I will be getting up some of my goodies soon including some of my patterns and how to’s.


Your input is appreciated, please leave me a comment.

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